Avoid This Big Mistake When Searching For a Missing Cat

Making Changes to Your Cat’s home Environment will Discourage it From Returning Home My personal experience in recovering missing cats has revealed that the biggest mistake you can make when a cat first goes missing is to start making changes to your cat’s home environment and territory. Especially if you do not even know for…

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Missing Cat? Pet Detective’s Top 5 Search Tips on What do First

Top Five # Tips on What to do When Your Cat First Goes Missing I have been recovering Missing Cats for over 30 years and in the last Five years, together with my amazing Cat Detection Dog Molly have helped to reunite over 275 Missing Cats with their families. Discovering that your cat is missing…

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How is Organized Crime Impacting on Dog Theft & Illegal Breeding?

a crate of illegally bred puppies seized by the police

In this article I will describe the growing influence of organized crime on dog theft, puppy smuggling and illegal breeding and address the question ‘where have all the stolen dogs gone?’ Dog Theft is an absolutely shocking crime, which was how the home secretary Pretti Patel described the offence before launching the Pet Theft Task…

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What is the Pet Theft Taskforce?

What is the PET THEFT TASKFORCE and are they about to draft another piece of Christmas Cracker legislation? The Pet Theft Taskforce is a governmental working group, with representatives from The Ministry of Justice, the Home Office, DEFRA, the Police, a handful of animal charities and questionable dog theft experts. The task force was established…

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How to Prevent Dog Theft on a Country Walk

How to prevent dog theft

How to Prevent Dog Theft on a Country Walk? Every year numerous dogs go missing from rural carparks and on country walks and very few of these incidents are recorded as thefts. Many of these dogs are stolen by specialist dog thieves. In this article I will tell you how these crooks operate and what…

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How to find a missing cat

There is a lot of misleading information on the internet on how to recover a missing cat and most of it is re-posted material shared by well-meaning people who are just trying to help their fellow cat lovers.

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Molly’s Incredible Journey

Molly's incredible journey from rescue dog to pet detective

When a dog becomes a cat’s best friend, the Country’s first Cat Detection Dog is ready for action! A rescue dog whose future looked bleak now has a promising career finding lost cats thanks to an animal-loving private detective and the charity Medical Detection Dogs. Over the past decade, more than 100,000 cats have been…

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