Colin Butcher’s work with the BBC

Colin Butcher's work with the BBC

Colin Butcher’s Work with the BBC

On 13th June 2013, a ground-breaking documentary was broadcast by the BBC titled ‘The Secret Life of The Cat.’ The program – filmed in the picturesque village of Shamley Green, Surrey – shared the results from one of the largest ever research projects into domestic cat behaviour, during which over 50 cats were fitted with GPS collars to track their every movement and a host of different camera were deployed to record their unique view of the world.

The project, which was aired on the Horizon documentary channel, reached a UK audience of over 4.5m viewers and the following evening the BBC released a second program aptly named ‘The Little Cat Diaries’ which focussed on one mischievous Tom, aptly named the Intruder Cat which had been terrorising all the other cats in the neighbourhood.

Both these programs were made possible through a unique collaboration between, the BBC, The Royal Veterinary College, Professor John Bradshaw, and Colin Butcher of The U.K.P.D. United Kingdom Pet Detectives.  Over collaborations between the BBC and Colin Butcher include:

Live appearances on ‘Good Morning Britain’

The documentary series ‘Thief Trackers’ which explored his work in using technology and tried and tested police methods in tracking down and recovering stolen dogs.

‘Countryfile Diaries’ which delved into the murky world of illegal puppy breeders.

A feature with ‘The One Show’ about his work using Cat Detection Dogs to find lost and missing cats.

Several news features on dog theft for the BBC documentary series Inside Out.

And numerous appearances across all BBC radio channels including Five Live, Radio 4 Saturday Live and BBC World Service

In addition to his work with the BBC Colin has also appeared on the C4 documentary series ‘Cutting Edge’ made several live appearances on ITV’s breakfast show ‘This Morning’ and worked with numerous overseas TV production companies from France, Germany, Holland, Finland, Japan, and Brazil.


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Colin Butcher's work with the BBC - The secret life of the cat


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