What is The CELLMARK National Forensic Dog DNA Database?

Theft of a Working Cocker Spaniel Named Pip In 2020, I commenced an investigation into the theft of a little cocker spaniel called Pip. Stolen from a livery yard in Sussex. Over the next 12 months, I worked with the owner until eventually we had a breakthrough and Pip was located and recovered, but after…

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How is Organized Crime Impacting on Dog Theft & Illegal Breeding?

a crate of illegally bred puppies seized by the police

In this article I will describe the growing influence of organized crime on dog theft, puppy smuggling and illegal breeding and address the question ‘where have all the stolen dogs gone?’ Dog Theft is an absolutely shocking crime, which was how the home secretary Pretti Patel described the offence before launching the Pet Theft Task…

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Where have all the stolen dogs gone?

ACCORDING TO OFFICIAL POLICE FIGURES (obtained by the kennel club) of the 2,355 instances of #Dogtheft recorded by the police in 2020 less than 25 offences were solved. This figure could be even worse because of the 45 forces asked to provide the figures under a freedom of information request only 36 police forces responded.…

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How to Prevent Dog Theft on a Country Walk

How to prevent dog theft

How to Prevent Dog Theft on a Country Walk? Every year numerous dogs go missing from rural carparks and on country walks and very few of these incidents are recorded as thefts. Many of these dogs are stolen by specialist dog thieves. In this article I will tell you how these crooks operate and what…

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